Our main goal is to ensure that users are able to work efficiently and effectively on all of our systems. To support that goal, we provide a number of guides to assist users in learning how to run jobs at our Center.

Navy DSRC Introductory Guide

Written with new users in mind, this guide provides an overview of the resources provided by our center and basic guidance on operating at the Navy DSRC.

HPC Quick Start Guides

These guides provide the basic information needed to get started using our systems.

HPC User Guides

These in-depth guides provide detailed information for users of specific systems. Topics covered include the system configuration, accessing the system, the user environment, program development, batch scheduling, software resources, and useful links. HPC User Guides are available for the following systems:

Batch Scheduling Guides

These guides contain instructions on how to submit jobs to each HPC's batch scheduling system, a discussion of basic commands, directives and environment variables, and sample scripts.

Supplemental Guides

Citing HPCMP in your Publications

Any publications resulting from research supported by HPC resources will include the following credit statement: "This work was supported in part by high-performance computer time and resources from the DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program."