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Navy DSRC Archive Server Migration

Posted 03/04/2020

The Navy DSRC Archive Server Migration to the new storage environment has completed on Wednesday, 4 March 2020.


  • All previous archive commands will continue to be available
  • Recommend users utilize the BCT variables $ARCHIVE_HOST and $ARCHIVE_HOME for archive access
  • The host name "NEWTON" will be changed to "ST-VSM1" in order to leverage future archive software scalability
  • "NEWTON" will remain as a DNS alias for a period of time to allow for migration to "ST-VSM1" in workflows but hard-coded IP addresses or host-names need to be updated
  • Any Users with compiled code on NEWTON be aware it will not work as we are moving from Solaris to Red Hat
  • .ssh/known_hosts files will likely need to be cleaned out to remove NEWTON references
  • Home directories will change from /u/home to /archive/home on the new archive server "ST-VSM1"

Additional Details:

The new environment will utilize Versity Storage Manager, which is built from the open source version of SAM-QFS (the current archive software). Essentially, it is the same archive software, with the same command structure as the current archive environment. The new environment is also moving to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system version 7.7.

If a user of the Navy DSRC archive environment does not see any of their files present as we come out of the 24 hr outage window, please do not hesitate to contact the HPC Help Desk so that we can get them moved into place. We have taken the approach of doing a full SAM-QFS archive restore in the new environment, and should only need to move over incremental changes between the restore periods in order to ensure as seamless a migration as possible.

Documentation updates for the new environment can be found: