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Utility Server - System Maintenance

The Navy DSRC will enable routine and automated disk scrubbing of the Center Wide File System (CWFS or $CENTER) and the Utility Server scratch file system ($WORKDIR) effective Monday, 21 October 2013.

The CWFS was originally configured and advertised to allow HPCMP Users to keep data online for 30 days. The Navy DSRC CWFS scrubber policy intends to exceed that requirement. An initial data retention period of 60 days will be implemented regardless of file system utilization, with the exception that nothing is scrubbed at all if file system utilization is < 50%. Users storing data on the CWFS are encouraged to archive their data to long-term storage if more than 60 days are required.

Navy CWFS users are advised that if system utilization continues to climb with a 60 day data retention period, then the retention period will need to be re-analyzed and reduced as necessary. Proper advanced notice will be given if such an event comes to fruition.

Users are invited to report problems and direct requests for unclassified assistance to the Consolidated Customer Assistance Center (CCAC) at 1-877-222-2039 or by E-mail to

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