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HPC Portal Available at Navy DSRC

Posted 04/16/2014

The Navy DSRC is pleased to announce the release of the HPC Portal for all Navy DSRC Utility Server, Haise, and Kilrain users. All users of the Navy Utility Server, Haise, and Kilrain will be able to access and authenticate to the HPC Portal without any additional actions. The HPC Portal will be available for users starting Monday April 14, 2014. This means users can access the Navy DSRC Utility Server, Haise, and Kilrain with only a web browser and their CAC or Yubikey.

What is the purpose of the HPC Portal?
The HPC Portal aims to enhance access and use of HPC computational and data storage resources through a web-based graphical interface, increasing transparent and user-friendly access to these resources for both new user communities and existing users, and establishing new ways to enable HPC workflows.

What is the URL to access the HPC Portal?
From that URL, users will be able to select from available HPC Portals, including the Navy DSRC. Users will be guided through the login process, which relies on the HPCMP OpenID mechanism. No software or Kerberos kit is required; any Navy DSRC user having a CAC or Yubikey will be able to access.

Where can I read more about the HPC Portal, including information on Browser Compatibility? and

What does the HPC Portal provide?
By default the HPC Portal provides all users a browser-based X-terminal and access to specific applications including; CREATE-AV Kestrel, CREATE-AV Helios, Distributed MATLAB, MATLAB IDE, FieldView, Pointwise, Kestrel UI (KUI), DaVinci, SENTRi, Ensight, ParaView, Tecplot 360, Capstone, and Status Dashboard. Access to some applications such as CREATE-AV Kestrel, CREATE-AV Helios, and CREATE Capstone are protected due to ITAR and HPCMP restrictions, and require additional approval for access.

What if I want to suggest or develop an application for the HPC Portal?
The HPC Portal team has created a Virtual Machine based Software Development Kit (SDK) along with tutorials and examples. The SDK provides developers with a "HPC Portal in a Box" environment for standing up new applications.

The HPC Portal Team is interested in your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback. Please contact us at:
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